This is a quick post to let you know that I will be taking a break from blogging while I dig into a new round of revisions. I’ve processed beta feedback—my betas have been awesome!—and now have a plan that I’m excited about.

I realized that I’ve been blogging for two years (I missed my second year anniversary in June—oops!) Blogging has been a wonderful opportunity to record my writing process and think about things that spark my interest. I believe the practice has made it easier for me to organize my thoughts into short essays. But it does take time, and right now I’d like to devote the time I have to revising my novel.

So that’s it. I may post my bullet journal spreads or pop in with a random post here and there, but otherwise I expect to be on sabbatical till the end of the year.

Thanks so much for reading ?


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Kristin Ferragut
Kristin Ferragut
1 year ago

Best of Luck!! I’ll look forward to following you on Insta and can’t wait for your book!!

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