My novel is in the hands of beta readers. I’m pausing a moment to let this […]
Books are mysterious. As I iterate through rounds of revision for my novel, and begin to […]
The other day, I came to a realization sparked by a historical garment video and my […]
I was so excited to get to the end of my current round of edits last […]
I am not a linear thinker. I did not even know that a person could think […]
I love writing advice. I watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read all the books and […]
I’m ready to finish. I want this. Almost nine years working on my novel, and part […]
When I was in my twenties, I injured myself while performing in a dance concert. I […]
Sometimes, getting away from normal life is just what you need. It can clear your mind […]
It’s hard to hear myself think in the mess left from November’s single-minded focus.

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