When you’re tied in to school, September is a time to return to routines, revamp schedules, and plan how to finish the year. With this in mind, my September bullet journal spreads are inspired by the timekeeping of the ancient Americas.


My tracker, modeled after the Aztec Sun Stone, is the focus of my cover page. I’m so happy with how this turned out! Each ring represents a different habit I’m tracking, and each has its own design.

In the center are groupings of numbered circles which I will color in on the days I go to bed by 11:00 pm (which is so hard for me!)

bedtime tracker

In the next ring, I’m tracking food habits, and will color in the appropriate numbered arc as each day passes. The next ring, which is yellow, tracks whether or not I go outside. If I do, I will darken the appropriate numbered rectangle.

food habits, going outside, and exercise trackers

Finally, in the outer ring I’m tracking exercise. A key at the top lays out the symbols I’m using for each of four categories: morning exercise, foot exercise, long exercise, and walking. I’ve already drawn the shapes next to each day, and will color them in on the days I exercise.

I love how the quote gets to the heart of what habit tracking is all about:

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


The calendar uses the same motifs as the tracker, but lays them out as though the spread were a tapestry. Weeks are vertical. I love the quote from Annie Dillard, which makes a game out of scheduling:

“A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days.”

Annie Dillard


My projects spread, where I list any and all projects I’m hoping to complete this month, is decorated with a bird’s eye view of a Mayan temple. Did you know that the Pyramid at Chichen Itza has 91 steps on each face? Together with the top platform (the final step) these add up to the 365 days of the year.

I included a quote here from Ryder Carroll, the creator of the bullet journal:

“Often all it takes to live intentionally is to pause before you proceed.”

Ryder Carroll

I love this reminder to pay attention to how you choose to spend your time.

Weeklies and Dailies

I used a little strip to mark the days on this weekly layout, as well as my dailies. My weekly layout includes hours along the left edge of the page, as well as an area to list tasks. I use this spread to get a quick overview of my week. Here I can see not only my commitments, but the whole family’s. As I plan each day, this overview helps me choose tasks for the day.

weekly overview

The dailies are set up day by day, and each one runs as long or as short as it needs to. You can see that on Thursday, the entry is longer. I laid out a schedule that day (trying to set up new routines), and took notes. I love having the flexibility to use as much space as I want each day.

running dailies

Are you setting up new routines for yourself this month?


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