I was in the mood for pink this month. Not Valentine’s Day pink, though. The thought of bright monochrome pink was too much to bear. I needed something soft and comforting to warm the cold days.

In keeping with my exploration of abundance, I thought I’d try another pattern. I sketched a bunch of patterns, but I wanted something repeatable that wouldn’t be too complicated.

calendar with vertical weeks

I chose a few soft pinks and peach. Then, to temper the pinks and highlight their best qualities, I mixed in two neutrals: light sand and brown. My copper Gelly Roll pen added a little shine.

projects and goals
weekly spread highlights basic diagonal lines

For the pattern, I decided to use a basic building block, then play with that to create a richer tapestry. Drawing diagonal, 45 degree lines that were one space wide was all I needed to invent a mix of textures. The best part of using these lines was that they’re easy to draw on dot grid paper. No rulers needed! (Truth is, I rarely use rulers. I don’t mind a little wobble :o)

I won’t pretend these didn’t take time. The cover page, especially, involved some hours of sketching and coloring. But they were pleasurable hours in the company of an audio book. And I’m so happy with the result—a happy little bullet journal blanket.

cover with trackers

Hope your February is warm and cozy ?


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