I’d like to take a nap right now. I’m in my car, waiting while my son has his thirty-minute clarinet lesson. Thirty minutes is the time it takes to go home and come back, so I sit in the car and work on my projects. Sometimes I play solitaire.

Today, I need to write a blog post. Because I’m trying to meet a challenging deadline for early next week (not blog related), I need to finish writing my post by the time the clarinet lesson is over. That’s not much time. It usually takes me longer.

Which is why I’m writing this stream of consciousness post. It will probably be boring or long or useless. But let’s see what happens.

This undertaking brings up some questions for me. Why am I spending my time on this? Is it important that I do it consistently every week? Maybe it would be better to take more naps. Right now, more naps seems like a good life goal.

Can I take a nap while I write a blog post? My eyes sure are trying.

Well, this isn’t really going anywhere. So I think I’ll call it done. This blog post may not be interesting or helpful, or even entertaining, but at least it’s short. Plus I still have ten minutes to squeeze in a nap.

May you have many lovely naps in your future…


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Kristin Ferragut
Kristin Ferragut
2 years ago

Ha! 20 minutes! Well done! And the picture is adorbs

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