Summertime colors! June’s bullet journal spreads are inspired by a recent washi tape purchase, specifically the scattered-fruit washi whose colors became this month’s palette.

My vision for this month involved washi tape squares interspersed with hand-drawn patterns, which I then organized into strips. I have to admit it’s much more bright and riotous than I anticipated. So far, though, opening my June pages makes me feel like I’ve jumped into warm-weather fun. I may get tired of all the color before the month is out, but right now I’m loving it!

The tracker this month is a simple grid, with numbers indicating the day of the month. Within each square of the grid, there is another imagined grid. This smaller division into nine squares corresponds with nine habits I’m tracking. Like May’s tracker, this system is not easy to scan for consistency, but the information is there, and it creates fun patterns.

Of all the spreads this month, the calendar has the biggest explosion of color. It seemed reasonable in my head. On paper, the abundance of patterns is probably a bit much, but I have to admit it brings me joy :o)

The weeks are vertical, with a sidebar for goals and a fun quote. I’m embracing the spirit of Sam Keen’s words, “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability,” and taking time off from writing my novel. I plan to work on other projects (maybe I’ll pull a newsletter together before the year ends?) and come back to the novel with fresh eyes next month.

June brings me to the end of my current notebook, so I’ll be setting up a new bujo for the second half of the year. I like to keep the year consistent, so I’ll copy this notebook’s opening spreads into the new one. But there is planning to do. It’ll be fun to review the year so far and look ahead, especially with the world opening up. Possibilities are expanding.

I created a planning spread again, first started in April. But now that I’m taking a break from my novel, I’m not sure I need all this time tracking. This setup was a huge help the last two months, and even the first two weeks of June. It’ll be interesting to see how much I use it in the next two weeks.

After what’s felt like a year-long winter, I’m enjoying the warm weather. And summer starts early this year, tomorrow to be exact. Emotionally, I feel totally ready to welcome summer. Realistically though, I’m way behind on my planning. I still haven’t figure out what to do for vacation. But it wasn’t clear until recently that a vacation would be advisable, so that’s my excuse.

Are you ready for summer?


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