In July I travelled to Santa Barbara in my imagination through my bullet journal. It’s now August, the month my husband and I committed to spending the rest of our lives together 25 years ago, and in my imagination we’re celebrating in Paris. So this month’s theme is Paris and silver (for our silver anniversary)

I decided to focus on ink drawings with subtle color accents, plus silver. I was trying to keep my spreads a little simpler than last month, but I believe I spent even more time on them. No matter. I enjoyed every minute :o) 

I’m tracking a few habits on the wall to the right of the cover page, using vertical lines to mark progress. As I fill it in, the texture of the wall comes to life. It’s a fun incentive to keep me on track

Vive le français! Throughout the month I’ve written the days of the week in French, including here on my monthly log. A few window boxes and a seat at a café give me a little taste of Paris each time I refer to my log.

Of course, no visit to Paris is complete without a glimpse of La Tour Eiffel. I splashed color on the project names to help divide the page into easy-to-read chunks.

I’ve been enjoying my bullet journal travel so much that I’m thinking about continuing through the end of the year. Any suggestions for where I should go?


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3 years ago

Oh, Happy Anniversary! Twenty-Five Years!!! Beautiful! Glad you spent it in Paris! 🙂

I’ve always wanted to go to Greece. And for the life of me can’t quite figure out why I’m not living in Jamaica, a couple of ideas, wouldn’t mind seeing your take on those vistas 😉 Maybe my favorite place to return in my mind is Petra – another good one! Don’t think it gets much more romantic than that. Enjoy!

Kristin Ferragut
Kristin Ferragut
3 years ago

Yes! It was Hot and all shades of reds.

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