It’s midsummer. A time for trips to the beach, or the mountains, or anywhere. Were we not in the midst of a pandemic, I would be at a writing workshop in Santa Barbara right now. But, of course, we are in the midst of a pandemic. Everything’s been cancelled. Even the flight I would have taken no longer exists. So I’ve taken inspiration from Mira’s Journal and Journal Away and decided on imaginary travel through my bullet journal. Here are July’s spreads.

Lately I’ve been incorporating my trackers into the design of my cover pages. This month they’re at the bottom, forming a base for the illustration.

My monthly log is a little wild this month, but it makes me smile. Though watercolors would certainly have done a better job of capturing the sky at sunset, I’m enjoying the riot of color created by markers :o) As usual, I’ve arranged my days vertically, so each week has its own column. This format is a perfect fit with Santa Barbara’s beautiful palm trees.

I was delighted by these tiled steps in downtown Santa Barbara (via online search). I recreated them here to house my goals, next to blank space for all my projects and tasks this month.

Are you traveling anywhere in your imagination this summer?


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3 years ago

Beautiful! Would be hard to fret to-do lists when THAT’s the layout!

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