It’s tempting to go solve a sudoku instead of writing...
Outlines have been a lifelong problem for me.
Why do I repeatedly set up compelling situations, then move on to something else?
This will make me sound like a total geek, but I got extra homework! Yippee! Okay, […]
Not only have I finished my book coach's homework, but I've seen my story in a new way.
I'm hoping the manuscript audit indicates that I'm not in for a major overhaul, but does it?
markers in a mug on top of laptop
As July approaches, so does Camp NaNoWriMo.
I didn’t realize how complex and heavy all those pages and pages of words would become.
It's all been intangible, stored in bits and bytes on a computer chip.
turquoise metal chair with sun pattern
a piece I wrote before I wrote "the end" on my first finished draft

Thoughts on the creative process

Doses of everyday wonder

Mabel Ferragut self-portrait