I have to admit that 2021 feels a bit foggy. If I didn’t know better, I […]
Happy New Year! I’ve spent some time these past two weeks reflecting and making plans. I […]
It’s hard to hear myself think in the mess left from November’s single-minded focus.
Something magical happened to my novel this week. This is not unusual, though this particular moment […]
About a month ago I noticed that NaNoWriMo1 season was approaching. I considered participating as a […]
This is my new word: entropy. It came up this weekend in a conversation with my […]
I’m coming to accept that the process of writing is highly individual. I knew this when […]
I love systems. When tackling a difficult task, having a clear procedure makes it easier to […]
Just a quick post to say it’s been an unproductive week. It’s okay. Things happen, and […]
The weather is lovely today. While my son joins his fellow camp counselors for pizza, I’ve […]

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