I love systems. When tackling a difficult task, having a clear procedure makes it easier to […]
Just a quick post to say it’s been an unproductive week. It’s okay. Things happen, and […]
The weather is lovely today. While my son joins his fellow camp counselors for pizza, I’ve […]
I love the relief that comes after getting past a deadline. But there are times I […]
When I sat down to write this blog post today, guess what happened? A nap.
I know you’re too polite to ask if it’s my waist we’re talking about, so we […]
Being productive feels good, especially when I’m doing work I enjoy. More and more, though, I […]
I need to shake things up. Or possibly go back to lost work patterns. Something to […]
This week I watched a YouTube video that sort of blew my mind. It taught me […]
I have never written a good story ending before.