This fall, blackbirds have been flocking in our woods
The end of year holidays are coming, and they’re weirding me out a little. Earlier in […]
Hundreds of musicians in fancy uniforms gathered at our high school’s stadium on Wednesday. Plumes bobbed, […]
I missed the 39¢ notebooks at Target. This is not normal for me. I had the […]
...planning a vacation is a different process this summer than it’s ever been before.
My daughter is in college, out in the world, navigating its demands and opportunities. She’s in […]
Well, this is a bit of a surprise. I’ve been blogging for a year. I think […]
Last week I posted about being in a fog. That hasn’t really left me, but I […]
Spring is in the air. Flowers nod in the wind. Rain drips off our railing. Our […]
Spring isn’t here yet, only hints of change, but already the shift in seasons feels like […]