Free Book Coaching

Are you writing a novel? Would you be interested in getting honest, supportive feedback on your work?

I am training to become a book coach. As part of my training, I am offering free coaching to a writer who would like feedback on three chapters of their book. You would be giving me a chance to practice my coaching skills on you and your pages. You would also be helping me to decide if book coaching is something I want to pursue professionally.

What a Book Coach Does

A book coach is focused on helping a writer do their best work. This means looking at your project as a whole: from providing feedback about the words on the page, to guiding the writer on next steps, and addressing the writer’s concerns about the process.

A book coach does for a writer what a sports coach does for an athlete. This means addressing both technical issues with the writing and issues the writer might be having with the practice of writing. 

Author Accelerator Approach

I am participating in Author Accelerator’s Book Coach Certification Program. Through this program I am learning to evaluate novels and help novel writers complete their books.

This includes helping the writer identify the point of their story, get emotion on the page, and immerse the reader in the narrative, among other things.

My Approach

I am fascinated by the creative process. Each person’s creative process is different and each creative project is different, and yet there are elements of the creative process that surface again and again. I have seen this not only in my experience as a writer, but also across disciplines in various creative hobbies, as well as my work as a choreographer and an architect.

My goal as a book coach is to help you get your vision on the page. This means helping you focus in on what you really want to say, and helping you figure out your best next steps.

What I’m Looking For

My primary writing focus is on Young Adult Fiction. (I am currently writing a YA Fantasy.) I will consider other genres, though—just let me know what you’re writing. If I am not the right coach for you, I may be able to offer your pages to another book coach in the training program.

  • Do you have three complete novel chapters?
  • Are you willing to let me edit your pages, suggest revisions, and coach you on a 30-minute phone call?
  • Would you let Author Accelerator’s pro book coaches review my work (and therefore yours)?

If You’re Interested

If you have any questions, or you’re interested in having me coach you, comment below or contact me here. You can also Direct Message me on Instagram or Twitter. Feel free to share this information with others who might be interested.

I truly appreciate the support!


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