Happy New Year! I’ve spent some time these past two weeks reflecting and making plans. I […]
Merry Christmas! If you celebrate other holidays over the winter, Happy Holidays! Over the next couple […]
This fall, blackbirds have been flocking in our woods
I had so much fun setting up my December spreads this month! I always enjoy setting […]
It’s hard to hear myself think in the mess left from November’s single-minded focus.
I recently completed a goal I’ve been working towards for almost two years. I got through […]
The end of year holidays are coming, and they’re weirding me out a little. Earlier in […]
Something magical happened to my novel this week. This is not unusual, though this particular moment […]
This is a quick post of November’s bullet journal pages. I put the spreads together in a day, which is quite fast for me!
About a month ago I noticed that NaNoWriMo1 season was approaching. I considered participating as a […]

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