Planning 2021 (Part 2) Each year I assemble my writing goals with full conviction that they […]
New year, new bullet journal!  My word for the year: Abundance. Sometimes this bujo thing can […]
Why couldn’t I have been hang gliding or fencing or ice skating?
There are all kinds of settings where writers write. Some writers love the hum of a […]
...what I was really looking for was my Cuban family and my Cuban traditions.
NaNoWriMo 2020 is over, and I’m sitting by the fire, taking things a little easier. I […]
Thanksgiving has taken many forms in my life. I’ve been the child at the kids table, […]
Sometimes the search for the perfect writing technique seems like an impossible quest. It is. But […]
No. Of course not. You’re cheating—you’re not allowed to win. (That’s the rule-follower in me answering. […]
To focus more time on writing, I made my bullet journal spreads simpler this month, opting for washi tape instead of drawings.