Being productive feels good, especially when I’m doing work I enjoy. More and more, though, I […]
Last week I posted about being in a fog. That hasn’t really left me, but I […]
I need to shake things up. Or possibly go back to lost work patterns. Something to […]
I knew I wanted April (my birthday month) to be filled with flowers
Spring is in the air. Flowers nod in the wind. Rain drips off our railing. Our […]
This week I watched a YouTube video that sort of blew my mind. It taught me […]
I have never written a good story ending before.
The end of my novel is giving me trouble. I am having a hard time figuring […]
March always seems to find me in a mood for green. I think it’s the anticipation […]
Spring isn’t here yet, only hints of change, but already the shift in seasons feels like […]