Hundreds of musicians in fancy uniforms gathered at our high school’s stadium on Wednesday. Plumes bobbed, […]
I’ve been soaking in other people’s words, which is always a pleasure. In September I read […]
I’m happy to report that my September efforts to establish a new schedule have yielded some […]
This is my new word: entropy. It came up this weekend in a conversation with my […]
Even a simple project can feel daunting. As soon as you seriously consider starting, what at […]
I’m coming to accept that the process of writing is highly individual. I knew this when […]
September's bullet journal spreads are inspired by the timekeeping of the ancient Americas.
I missed the 39¢ notebooks at Target. This is not normal for me. I had the […]
I love systems. When tackling a difficult task, having a clear procedure makes it easier to […]
This is cool. I feel so seen by this book on writing craft: Gail Carriger’s The […]