Yesterday I saw an oriole in the back yard. I got up to brush my teeth and my eyes caught on a spot of orange in the trees. What a beautiful bird! A vibrant orange-red chest and body with black wings and what looks like a black hood. Such gorgeous color. I watched it hop about a bit. Sparrows dashed around it. Then I noticed there was another oriole nearby. By the time I finished my shower, they were gone, but they totally made my day.

I’ve seen orioles before, but just once or twice.

This morning my daughter brought out her peony (I cut it for her on her birthday.) She set it on the center of the kitchen table and it perfumed the space. It is full and splaying out beyond its limits. Such a generous flower.

For some reason these two experiences are connected for me. They are spots of unexpected sensual delight in the midst of isolation and pushing towards a deadline.

Here’s wishing you your own small delights!


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