We have tickets to see Jack Johnson in June, so my spreads this month are inspired by his home state of Hawaii. I found some interesting images online, including photos of plumaria blossoms that captured my imagination. The background I used is based on a kapa pattern. Kapa is barkcloth, a fabric made by beating plant fibers.


For the cover, I created a dutch door on the right, revealing my habit trackers underneath. The spread is pretty simple, with the kapa pattern setting the tone and a few plumaria blossoms adorning the title.

June cover includes a dutch door on the right side.


Behind the dutch door is my Reflection page. Most of this will be filled out at the end of the month. Only the log will be filled out as the month progresses. Each day I’ll write in the most important thing from the day, whether it’s an event or a feeling or an experience. The habit trackers on the right will also be filled out each day.

June log and reflection are on the back of the Cover’s dutch door


This is my usual layout for projects, separating writing tasks on the right page. (JF is shorthand for my novel’s working title.)

June tasks for life and writing


My calendar has my usual vertical weeks. It’s very simple, just the days laid out vertically and the same kapa-inspired pattern on the side.

June calendar with vertical weeks

Weeklies & Dailies

I used my typical layout for weeklies with space to see my schedule each day and a space to list tasks on the right. I love being able to see my whole week at a glance. The schedule timelines allows me to lay out all our family events and scheduled tasks so I can see the big picture.

spread for week of June 20th

I didn’t include a photo of my Dailies this month. They start after the weeklies end. I keep them open-ended, the way Ryder Carroll recommends. Each day I mark the start of the day with the day and date (and a simple doodle), then list the tasks and events for that day. I love this focused window on the day. If anything comes up that I want to take notes on, I write it there. Keeping a running log like this makes it easy to ignore what already happened, and not get distracted by future events that are not currently relevant. It also allows me as much (or as little) page space as I need each day.

Hope June brings you good weather and summer fun!


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Kristin Ferragut
Kristin Ferragut
1 year ago

Looks great! You make Art of everything. And Jack Johnson — have fun! Listening to him now…

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