I keep imagining myself in an unfamiliar town, perhaps a beach town, surrounded by my family and eating an ice cream cone. It’s sunny. The ice cream is cool and sweet.

It’s how I think of summer vacation.

August’s bullet journal is a celebration of vacations and summer and maybe ice cream too, though ice cream doesn’t show up in the spreads.

I picked bright colors, including a fluorescent pink that I don’t typically gravitate towards. But somehow I felt like this month needed an obnoxiously cheerful hue.

The calendar is drawn like a map, because what vacation is complete without one?

My projects page uses sign posts to divide projects into categories.

It’s all pretty simple (except maybe the calendar—that did take a little longer). Perhaps good vacations are simple, especially if you’ve planned out a clear route ahead of time, but left some room for spontaneity.

Hope you get to go on a nice vacation this summer, or at least have a really good ice cream.

What is your idea of a fun vacation?


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