Most years when March rolls onto my calendar, I am searching for signs of spring—anything green. Maybe I’m not the only one, because so many bullet journalers use green on their pages this month.

I’ve used green in my bujo every year I’ve had one. Perhaps its a way to manifest spring, or to see its promise each day even when the weather is still cold and the plants hibernating.

This year the image I’m using for my March pages emerged in my mind on its own: a snowy land with white birches opening their first few leaves. A touch of green in a white background. Somehow the image captures my mindset right now.


For the cover, I added a page that flips out. It’s attached with washi tape, adding a strip of green and leaves and birds to the spreads on the other side. The cover itself is minimal—a few gray lines to indicate snow, a few more for the trees, and the palest green leaves peeking from the branches.


To the right of the cover, I’ve set up my reflection page. On one side is a log which I use to record the most significant thing that happens each day. The rest of the page will remain blank until the end of the month, when I do my monthly reflection. I lettered everything with my lightest gray to keep the spread as minimal as possible, and continue the white background of the cover. Only the page titles are in green.

Projects and Trackers

Opening the cover reveals my projects and trackers. I’m experimenting with a new writing tracker this month. It lists the chapters I need to edit and which week of the month I’m shooting to finish each. I’ll mark which week I actually finish the chapters as the month progresses. This is a pared down version of what I was doing before, and I’m hoping that the focus on the big picture will be helpful.

The projects page is my usual list of what I’m hoping to do in March. The photo shows my projects in a pale tan color, but I wasn’t happy with how it looked. I ended up going over it in black later. Visually, it would probably look best in the light gray, but I use this page a lot throughout the month, and wanted more contrast for quick reference.


The calendar carries on the minimal spirit of the cover. Each vertical week is separated by a birch trunk. Days are separated by light gray lines. Looking at the photo now, I wonder why I didn’t include any leaves… Maybe I’ll add some :o) I used a Sakura Micron in the 01 thickness to write the dates and mark events. The 03 thickness I usually use felt too heavy.


I look forward to spring every year. Though I’ve learned to appreciate the winter months, spring makes me feel alive like no other season. While January feels like a new beginning—a time for reflecting and planning—spring feels like a new beginning for the spirit.

Are you looking forward to spring?


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Kristin Ferragut
Kristin Ferragut
2 years ago

Oh, I love these birch trunks! Beautiful layout!

I too am eager for Spring! But then I get Spring Fever and it’s hard to work. And I get anxious at the thought of wasting a beautiful outdoor day. I’m remembering that to keep from impatience and enjoying this cold, snow-coated day indoors.

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