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I am a writer. I am interested in the mysteries that simmer beneath the surface of our human experience. Isn’t it amazing how a place or a person or an event can be two things at once, maybe more? And they can all be true?

I’m also fascinated by the concept of home. Home as a physical place or a community of people. But also the idea of being at home with oneself.

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Writing feels like climbing into my own personal attic, an imaginary place of memory and experience.


I love poetry.

I don’t always “get” all the poetry I read. But when I do, it hits me hard. There’s something about the distillation of feeling and meaning into expressive sound that captures me.

“De donde crece la palma”

José Martí, Versos Sinceros

top of palm tree with blue sky
Palmas in Miami—not Cuba, but close








Perhaps my love of poetry arises from my affinity for music and rhythm, a humming reminder of my parents’ Cuba…the land of the palm tree.

My Poetry



I also love novels. Immersing myself in someone else’s world is heavenly, even when the fictional world itself is full of conflict and uncertainty.

We each get only one life. Novels give us many, many more lives. Lives to lose, to live differently. And these other lives stay with us in some way as we continue on our own path.

I like to write about secret identities, contrasts, deceptive appearances, intersecting cultures, misunderstandings, standing outside the circle, and transformation.

My Novel




I love to read. A lot. Whatever I’m currently reading is usually completely fascinating—I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen.

Throughout my studio you’ll find references to some of the books I love.


…on my nightstand, in my studio, on the dining room table, on my phone, or loaded in audio form into my car’s CD player

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I am currently focused on writing a young adult fantasy novel, but I also write poetry, essays, short stories, and recipes. I grew up trilingual, in a big Cuban family with lots of diversity thrown in. I have worked as a choreographer, architect, designer, and finder of lost things.

If you’d like to know more about me, read my story.