I am a writer and creator.

For me, creating is right up there with breathing. I write stories, scribble poems, and doodle in my bullet journal. Plus…well, there’s no need to list everything.

These days I spend much of my time in my imagination, revising my novel-in-progress and exploring what it means to be yourself in a world that may not want you to be at all. 

Novel in progress


a young adult fantasy

A flyer with the Circus Sombra, fourteen-year-old Jacquard is cursed with greenness, and it’s getting worse. But she can’t let anyone see the transformation she undergoes in the woods, because then they’d believe she’s the green-skinned tree demon of circus legend. Not that she’s ever stolen anyone’s soul…

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Thoughts on the creative process. Doses of everyday wonder.

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Watching the Oscars

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Little Patuxent Review

To the Poet—S. K.—
on Channel WNET-13

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